Habite - Our Story

​ ## Intro

Habite was always just an idea that took completing tasks or planning out your day to a whole new world with being fun and securing your privacy. It was not until August of 2018 that this idea was fully created and moved to a design page then to code then later to the App Store.

The creator, known as Lz, was always a rather lazy and unproductive person. He grew up going to school, playing hockey and soccer, and doing some animating and design on the side. Life was pretty busy for Lz and he always had something that needed to be done whether it be homework, a practice, chores at home, a family dinner, or something somewhere. Learning to code did not fall directly into his lap until his sophomore year of high school when his counselor suggested taking a computer science class. From there forward he fell in love with it and proceeded to learn and do so much with it that you can read about here.

## Idea to Design

In the summer of 2018, Lz had learned iOS development on his own through a udemy course. He decided after completing the course that he wanted to take an idea, create a product from it, and launch it out into the real world. In early July of 2018, Lz had found a rather large problem in himself that he struggled with: being unproductive. He decided he wanted to help fix this and so he proceeded to do surveys and ask hundreds of people if they had similar problems and if they did anything to help. This would help spark the idea of Productivia, the original idea before Habite. Productivia would be a simple task app that focused on just completing tasks throughout the day, week, and year and keeping each users privacy secure to that user. It was nothing special or fancy and had a rather dark grey with a gold highlight look to it. Productivia would eventually be recycled, the name and design did not fit what Lz’s goal was. A month and a half of brainstorming later, gathering information on hundreds of people, and lots of coffee would eventually set up the start of Habite.

The end of August 2018 would be when Habite was first designed. Most of Productivia’s app concept was taken and transformed to something more unique for Habite. The design started off very simple containing three tabs: The first was where each Habite or task was shown, the second showed “Rankings”, and the third was your profile with your overall score. There was not much else to Habite except those three tabs, creating Habite’s, and a settings page.

## Code

For the next two months, Habite would be built from the ground up. The very first version is still nothing to what Habite is today and that is crazy to imagine. When Habite was built it had a grey theme that did not appeal to the eyes. Its’ theme could be categorized as dark mode but we wouldn’t exactly call it that since the design was pretty cruel and awful to look at. We still don’t know why that design was thought as a good idea xD. In the very first version of Habite, we focused on creating tasks, completing or missing those tasks, connecting each task to an overall score, then taking that score and comparing to worldwide users, and finally ranking every user to a leaderboard and presenting the top 10 users in the Rankings tab. This was the foundation and core behind Habite, the focus was to allow users to compete with each other by completing tasks and keeping their score up. The algorithm built behind the rankings was small and sort of easier to get by if you knew that you needed to complete a few tasks everyday and log on a couple times a day. The other algorithm created was for connecting your tasks to your overall score. This was pretty simple as you complete a task ( known as a Habite ) your score would go up otherwise your score would stay the same or go down if you missed a task. Habite v1.0.0 was simple yet something Lz believed would be a big hit among users.

## Launch Time

With most first applications submitted to the App Store, there is that time of “Why is it taking forever” or that question of “Why do I keep getting rejected” or maybe both. Habite was lucky to fall under the ‘taking long / forever’ category. We launched v1.0.0 for review to the App Store around October 20 after doing some beta testing with a selected group of users. We waited about 4.5 days before getting an email that Habite had been approved for the App Store, insert ‘this is epic’ meme here. This would be the first day of one of Lz’s dream’s to come true as we had launched a product into the real world. The time would come to help out everyday people create tasks, complete them, compete, and have some fun with it. Since then, Habite has grown tremendously, helping hundreds of people daily from creating tasks to completing them to even now checking off check lists, jotting down notes, setting events, and creating short and long term goals. Habite is still in its early days and our goal is to one day help millions of people improve their day to day by being on top of their schedules, having fun with it, and keeping their privacy secure.

## Notes

Since Habite v1.0.0, we have completely changed our UI to better suit users with moving a day mode and a night mode. We have also removed rankings for the time being as we are growing our base and working on a new rank system that will allow friends to connect and complete along with worldwide competition. Some other major changes include: Habite Premium ($2.99 Lifetime, including: Check Lists, Schedules, Goals, Analytics, and Day/Night Mode features), adding Daily Streaks and Weekly Goals for tasks, showing more analytics on your tasks, improving profiles to be more personalized to you, and so much more. Since we launched Habite, we have never stored any data regarding tasks or any of that information to a database. We believe in protecting each users privacy and have stored the tasks and all the other features information in the user’s device. We cannot wait for you to join this incredible journey!

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