About Habite

Habite - To Live. That's our goal, live everyday to the best of our ability. A multi functional app that focuses on helping everyday people through different methods while having fun with it!

Create Daily Tasks

We all need some sort of task management tool to help us throughout each day. With Habite, you can create unlimited tasks that repeat or go only once along with modifying them to your liking.

Complete / Miss tasks

Each task you create can either be completed or missed depending on what you actually did.

Track Progress

Analytics help us track our progress and history and push us to move forward with our stats. You have your own Overall Score that you keep up with to stay around 100%.


These features come to all users.

Tasks, complete each one and increase or decrease your Overall Score by completing or missing them.

Your profile is dedicated to you: see your stats, overall score, daily streak, and your weekly task goals!

We all have things we want to jot down or keep to ourselves, why not write some notes with the ability to lock them.

Premium Features

Unlock the endless possibilities of Habite.

Nothing like a simple checklist to help buy groceries, do chores, or complete a project.

Time to see in depth analytics on the tasks you complete along with goals you complete.

We all have goals we want to accomplish that can either be short term or long term.

Our Plans

These plans can be found in our iOS app and soon to be macOS & Android apps as well.


The Starter


  • Unlimited Tasks

  • Unlimited Notes

  • Some Analytics on Tasks

  • Daily Streaks


Free 3 Day Trial


  • One (1) time purchase - Lifetime Access

  • All Standard Plan Features

  • Check Lists

  • Goals

  • Full Analytics on Tasks

  • Analytics on Goals


Coming Soon


  • Habite Completely Remade

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